Posted on July 15, 2015

Unique Features of the Mini Crawler Crane

Unique Features of the Mini Crawler Crane

When customers come to us, we know they have a choice. There is more than one solution for most every job, so when they contact us, they want to know why Spydercrane mini crawler cranes are the best solution for their job or series of jobs. Now don’t get us wrong, Spydercranes market themselves. Typically, the best thing to do is to step aside and let its diversity shine for the customer to see.

But because we don’t want to leave anything to chance, here are a unique features that help separate Spydercrane’s mini crawler cranes from the rest of the herd:

The obvious one: mobility

The mini crawler crane’s most renown feature is found in its mobility. With its caterpillar tracks, tight frame, and retractable boom, mini crawler cranes are able compact into a relatively tight frame, enabling it to sneak in and out of very tight spaces.

The unique one(s): accessories

They great thing about the cranes are that their easily attachable extensions and accessories increase their maneuverability and usefulness. It also allows them to increase the width of equipment and supplies that they are able to lift and transport.

Many sizes fits most

Mini crawler cranes, especially Spydercranes, come in several shapes and sizes. This allows construction jobs to specialize on the job. No need bringing the biggest crane in to lift a square of roofing tiles. By contrast, going with the smallest crane to lift stuff out of its recommended reach would be equally as difficult.

The crawlers

The caterpillar pillar tracks - best known as crawlers - give the mini crawler cranes and definite advantage. How so? Well, look at what propels most military tanks. Are they wheels? Nope. They’re caterpillar tracks.

The tracks allow mini crawler cranes to traverse even the most difficult terrain. The stability is also helpful during lifts. A little extra support goes a long way when lifting tons into the sky.

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