Posted on March 26, 2014

Using Spydercranes to keep folks from getting the construction blues in Memphis

There’s usually a fight between the delivery drivers over who gets to do the runs to Memphis. Between the barbeque, Beale St, & the Mississippi River adventures, the drive to Memphis is as much a vacation as it is a work trip - especially if it is one of their last trips of the week.

And with every Spydercrane mini crane sale and rental we make to the Memphis area, we do our part to help bring The River City further into the 21st century.

In Memphis, it’s as much about spanning areas as it is elevating

Through the last 30 years, Memphis has been maintaining the status quo. It works hard; it plays hard. Through the intense summer days and hotter nights, Memphis has maintained its deserved nickname as the Birthplace of Rock and Roll.

Construction plans always mindful of the latest whims of the Mississippi River. Building projects always need mini cranes around in case they have to go over an obstacle as much as they have to go up.

Spydercrane mini crane sales & rentals for the Memphis, TN area

We take most any excuse to help the next Memphis construction project. Since we are always making trips to and through the Southeast, we offer specials such as free delivery to the Memphis area throughout the year. Contact us today to learn more about them.

Wherever you are between the third and fourth Chickasaw Bluff

From West Memphis to the Wolf river, Great Lakes Lifting has the Spydercrane mini crane you need to get the job done.

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