Posted on February 24, 2016

We already calculated the working radius

We already calculated the working radius

Through the course of the year we often get asked what a working radius is. It's a great questions given that it's one of our baseline measurements.

A working radius is a pre-measured, pre-tested determination of load-bearing maximums, at given extensions, at given angles, for each type of Spydercrane.

For example, a URW706 can lift over 6 tons of weight, provided you don't extend it out past 10 feet or up higher than about 21 feet.

Another example for the URW706, it can extend out nearly 60 feet and up nearly 55 feet with cargo, but that cargo can't exceed 660 lbs. Still a lot of weight, but not quite the 6 tons mentioned if the crane goes more directly into the air.

How to know the working radius for each Spydercrane Mini Crawler Crane

The best way to know the working radius is to check out the manuals provided with each crane. There the math is already done. Check the ranges for the Spydercrane you are using and line it up with the gauges to make sure you stay within safety measurements.

For those who are in the market for a Spydercrane but haven't yet made a purchase or rental decision, we invite you to check out our product page we have for each Spydercrane. You'll find a Product Specs page where, from there, a chart which will give you the predetermined distances and measurements for each Spydercrane's working radiuses.

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