Posted on November 25, 2015

West Coast Spydercrane Access

West Coast Spydercrane Access

Why would any industrial or construction company located in the Pacific Daylight Savings Time area consider a mini crawler crane supplier located east of the Rockies? Let alone Chicago?

They're good questions. It's not like we can have a Spydercrane shipped to a San Francisco Bay Area customer's project site by the time the order call is done, so it makes one wonder.

The truth is we still get calls for this area of the country, even though it’s two time zones away. We happily service those orders and from them, develop lasting relationships. We're not completely sure why it happens, but we think we have it narrowed down.

Spydercrane Mini Crawler Crane is a great tool

It starts with a product so good that it essentially markets itself. Spydercrane is such a product. It's so good it's worth the extra day-or-two wait.

It can handle the textured, hilly, and mountainous terrain of the west coast. And because of the more temperate weather, the construction seasons last longer than most other areas of the country so the demand cycle is longer.

Great value

We offer short-term deals. We offer long-term deals. And the service we provide is second-to-none.

Great Follow-Ups

We don't let our customers feel like we've left them on the island. We stay engaged. We stay attentive. We answer questions. Most importantly, we listen. We do our best to make the experience feel like we're right next door when you need us.

From the Nevada Line to the Pacific Ocean, we've got your covered.

Whether you're located along the west coast or planning to work there, contact us today and we'll help provide a full service quote that will cover from the Mexico to the Canada line.


Photo Credit: UNIC Furukawa on Pinterest

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