Posted on July 16, 2014

Spydercranes in West Virginia: Almost Heaven

Almost Heaven, West Virginia...and the rest of that beautiful John Denver classic. The state is definitely not for folks who like flat land under their feet, but it is for everyone looking for a balance between yesterday and today. With a rich tradition providing solid footing for the future, West Virginia looks to have the roots needed for a sound future.

When it comes to West Virginia construction, terrain and weather means everything. Labeled the least flattest of the 48 contiguous US states, the mountain state creates several perilous yet rewarding challenges. Construction cranes have to be sturdy enough to handle the peaks and valleys - both literally and figuratively - in order to properly elevate loads and span crevices. One wrong slip can make for a long, long trip down to the bottom to recover the supplies and equipment.

Great Lakes Lifting Spydercranes are best known for their ability to navigate tight spaces to get the job done. They’re also incredibly sturdy. Enough so to keep their footing with their unique base and support system. Their combination of form, foundation and function allows them to create positions that will allow crews to get materials where they need to be.

Getting a lift from an uplifting state

Because of how often we are in and around the West Virginia area, we typically offer sales and discounts. Our most popular and often-used discount is the Free Delivery coupon, but pending on the time of year, we could be offering additional deals and specials on our entire line of Spydercrane mini crawler cranes. Contact us today to learn about our latest specials.

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