Posted on July 22, 2015

What is a medium-sized job for a mini crawler crane?

What is a medium-sized job for a mini crawler crane?

We talk about how our Spydercrane’s line of mini crawler cranes can do big thing in little spaces. We’re about out of play-on-words to properly express its dynamic features. With all its wonderful features and capabilities, sometimes it is difficult to answer, “can it do a medium-sized job?

Great question. It’s not because the machines' lack for strength. The question usually results in what a person’s definition of “medium,” is. There’s a wild, wide range of expectations with the concept of “medium.” Several stick along industry

For starters: there are such things as medium cranes

There is a market for medium cranes. But, like the initial question, what size and shape constitutes “medium,” can vary depending on your interpretation. Also, depending on if you’re dealing with sellers, resellers, used machine can be all about the map.

Using a standard from the University of Texas

According to a scale on the University of Texas website, a “medium” lift range would be from 10 tons to 50 tons.

With that standard, we would be a bit light

Our biggest machine, the URW 706, can get a good 6 and a half tons safely up in the air, but we’d come a bit short on the 10 tons.

Some other sites drop the level, depending on scale

Once again, if you’re dealing with mini cranes, then “medium,” takes on a whole new meaning. And at those scales, most of our entire fleet falls into that category.

Which, at that point, makes us perfect for it.

Contact us today to tell us more about your medium-sized job.

photo credit: UNIC Cranes Europe Facebook page

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