Posted on June 3, 2015

What is the best mobile crane for...

What is the best mobile crane for...

With all the variations of mobile cranes out there in the marketplace, sometimes it’s tough to know exactly which mobile crane is best for which job. It starts simple enough: if it can sit on a crawler or self-carry with the help of rubber-covered instruments, it’s typically a mobile crane.

This is also the same exact location where the similarities end.

Here are a few insider hints to help you pick your next mobile crane. Now of course we want you to pick our Spydercrane mini crawler cranes, but more importantly we want to make sure you have the crane that best helps you accomplish your tasks. Nothing’s more nagging than not having the right tool for the job.

...heavy, heavy loads

For our subset of mobile cranes, if your load needs are more than 13,330 lbs. at a time, we can’t help. And, yes, there are mobile cranes out there that can do more than 7 tons a lift. For example, hammerhead, truck-mounted, and rough-terrain cranes have load ratings that almost boggle the imagination.

...tight, tight squeezes

Even though there are cranes that do heavier lifts than ours, we’re also just as proud of the fact that probably the only mini crawler crane that can squeeze through tighter fits than our URW-295  are found in the two-ticket section at the children's section of your typical annual county fair.

Otherwise, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a crane that can squeeze through your building’s front door and provide anywhere near the load rating of our Spydercranes.

...multiple floors in buildings

We all know that one of the first goals of building construction projects in areas that can be subjected to extreme weather months is to finish the exterior. This way, it's sealed from the elements, allowing for easier, safer working conditions.

The downside to this strategy is that sealing off the exterior on a multi-story project means it’s incredibly more difficult to haul supplies. Well, unless you have a Spydercrane. Yes, we claim this victory as well.

...unlevel terrain

Yes, all-Terrain cranes cover this area well. Thus, the “all,” part of their name. They are great for rocky and hilly surfaces. Some truck mounted cranes can do the job, pending on the reinforcements.

If your project’s terrain can pop a plumb out of a level, looking at extreme terrain cranes for your jobs is a smart idea. But, if it the terrain is moderate with a chance of hills, our Spydercrane’s “Spiderlegs” do a great job of keeping you level when the ground fails to do the same.

Some cranes are the best one for a task. Others are great at being cranes-of-all-trades

Some cranes go higher. Others can lift more. Then there are those who are better at handling uneven surfaces. (Most of our) competitor companies didn’t spend millions in R&D and marketing to be bad at specializing. They can go where some most all cranes can go, but few can get where

The great thing about Spydercranes is that it can compete with some of those specialty mobile cranes on their specialties, but very few can go where we can go - especially through single-wide doorways. So, if you’re looking for all-around mobile-crane performance, we suggest you give our Spydercranes a try.

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