Posted on January 30, 2015

What to look for in a mini crawler crane?

What to look for in a mini crawler crane?

It’s no secret that Mini crawler cranes such as the Spydecrane are diverse, turnkey machines that can reduce workloads and cut production times, saving precious budget hours. Despite the variety of the tasks the mini crawler cranes can perform, not every crane can perform every task asked of it. They are not a one-size-fits-all-projects. Luckily, given the variety of cranes from which to choose.

The variety of cranes and agreement functions mean that, you and your team will be able to always have the right tool for the job.

The question is: what mini crawler crane do you need? Here are a few criteria pieces to help make the decision:


The volume and frequency of the work load is of utmost importance. Each size of mini crawler crane comes with different ratings for size, load, and frequency. Make sure your choice of crane can handle the maximum load.


The frequency and size of the workload contribute directly into safety. Saving a few bucks on a smaller-sized crane won’t be worth it if an accident occurs because the weight was too much.

Weather conditions & terrain

Spydercrane mini crawler cranes are great on most terrain and weather conditions, but like all machines there’s a limit to their safety requirements. Make sure you check them before making decisions. No sense sliding down a hillside for no reason.

Inspection & Maintenance Routines

Leaving the machine in the corner for long periods of time like a ‘56 Ford pickup and expecting it to work at peak condition is a bit optimistic. Double check the maintenance and inspection schedules for each model of mini crawler crane investigated.

Length of use

Another important decision to consider when choosing a mini crawler crane is to determine the length and repeat of use. If it is a short-term or infrequent use, renting a crane might be your best bet. Also, renting makes sense for those who don’t have the resources or desire to continue inspect and perform maintenance on mini crawler cranes.

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