Posted on December 28, 2015

What Type of Fuel Is Used for a Spydercrane

What Type of Fuel Is Used for a Spydercrane

The type of fuel used in a Spydercrane is contingent upon the Spydercrane. Typically, Spydercranes can run on one of three types of sources:

  1. Regular Gas (or "Petrol" for International Users)
  2. Diesel Gas
  3. Electric


Where to See What Kind of Gas Your Spydercrane Needs

There are three places to find out what kind of Gas / Energy your Spydercrane needs

1) On the Machine Itself: if you look near where the gas is filled / battery is charged, it will give instructional reminders on the type of method you'll need.

2) In the Manual: Brochures / Manuals have them pretty well spelled out in the specification guides.

3) Ask Us: We'll know. If the paperwork and instructions we have provided have somehow how gone ary during your project, we'll always be available by either phone or email to help you sort out the mini energy crisis.


Why are there so many choices?

That's a great question. We don't make them but we have a few theories.

1) Size of the Machine: Like with most heavy machinery, the bigger machines have a tendency to go Diesel. Machine can usually get a great deal of work out of Diesel gas.

2) The rise and fall of gas prices: Gas prices have been all over the place in the last few years. Nobody was expecting the price of oil to fall so low at this point in time to where gas prices would fall to 15-year lows. This means regular gas machines go up in demand.

3) Going Green: We have a growing customer base who like to reduce their carbon footprint wherever possible. This means they prefer the electric option.

We have the Spydercrane to match your power preference

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Photo Credit: FURUKAWA UNIC CORPORATION via Pinterest.

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