Posted on February 28, 2014

Wheelin’ and Dealin’ in Charleston, West Virginia

Some states are sexy: California, New York, Texas. They get a lot of press. College grads flood to these states before the ink dries on their diplomas.

But it’s the cities like Charleston, West Virginia, state capitals with state universities, their state’s pride and joy, that grow communities.

Charleston has been built with blood and sweat from the first settlement, Ft. Lee, to the latest projects from the Charleston Area Alliance. With over 700,000 citizens in the area and West Virginia University as part of her assets, Charleston continues to be a powerful resource in growing Appalachia in the 21st century. We hope to continue to grow along with them.

Business in Charleston, West Virginia

While many areas try to show they’re like everybody else, Charleston takes great pride in showing that where they come from is where they’re heading. They are backboned by coal and natural gas resources. With cultural contributions such as the heralded Mountain Stage live music series, Charleston continues to weave pieces into the nation’s cultural fabric.

The efforts help sustain growth in the area. The foundation has set the area up for the growth to continue.

Spydercrane discounts in the Charleston, West Virginia area

Interstates 64, 77 and 79 and our drivers are great friends. On any given week, our Spydercranes are either watching over the cities while working or driving through West Virginia on the way to nearby work locations. Because of the frequency to our visits to the area, Great Lakes Lifting offers discounts and specials on Spydercrane rentals throughout the year. For more information, contact us today.

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