Posted on April 30, 2014

There’s a will and a way in Williston, ND

Williston, North Dakota has under 20,000 residents yet is the 8th biggest city in the state with nearly a 40% population boom. It sits near the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri river and now has the highest rent in the country, but the reason isn’t tourist-driven. How does a little town in northwest North Dakota? One word: oil.

And business is booming.

With a potential of 500 billion barrels of oil left to be unearthed...

...Williston, ND is primed to be an iconic hotspot for those seeking fortune and global energy independence. Such a rush leads to all sorts of economic opportunities. Bundle up, prepare for wind, bring your taste for meat with weekly livestock auctions nearby, and prepare for anything. Williston will be waiting.

Mini crane opportunities in Williston, ND

With Williston bursting at the seams, Great Lakes Lifting offers many sales, rentals and discounts on their entire line of official Spydercrane mini cranes to the area. From the URW 295 that can fit through a single-wide door to the URW 706 with a maximum lifting capacity of 13,330 lbs. @ 9.8 feet, the Spydercrane mini cranes have the ways and means to navigate the terrain during the harshest of weather conditions.

A historical find with history-making growth

Williston has the potential to be included in the international history books with this latest chapter. Great Lakes Lifting would like to continue to help contribute a few pages to the story. Contact us today to learn how our mini cranes can help elevate your business potential.

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