Posted on June 10, 2015

Why the Spydercrane is the best mobile crane for small jobs

Why the Spydercrane is the best mobile crane for small jobs

Short answer: Spydercrane.

Long answer...

1) Big ups in small spaces

All the amenities of an elevator to haul your supplies up a few floors from a lobby without all those, “fixed-in-one-location” issues. You can even act as a doorman by using a remote control if you’d like. Front door or back door service, or both.

The mobility features in Spydercrane are industry-leading.

2) Short-term and long-term rental are available

For some, it’s a recurring need. For others, it is an infrequent need, typically either for internal maintenance or special projects. For those who don’t have a consistent, recurring need, rental options are available.

Long-term rentals are also available for those who have a seasonal or contractual need to get resources up where they belong.

3) A sturdier set of 3-pairs of legs you’ll never find

The revolutionary design of the Spydercrane allows for the center of gravity within the machine to be widen, allowing for improved stability on a variety of terrains.

4) Inside or out

It’s a mini crawler crane. Emphasis on, “mini.” The legs constrict, allowing for the ease through doorways and narrow entryways. This means it can work in inside spaces - gymnasiums, construction sites, malls, business centers - as well as outside.

5) Storage

Once again, it’s all about them legs. Tucking them saves square footage in storage areas.

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