Posted on November 27, 2013

Why use a Spydercrane?

You’ve got a lot of options when you decide you need a machine to do a job, and you’ve got even more choices when you decide you need a crane, but what makes a Spydercrane your best choice? Unlike wheel-mounted and truck-mounted cranes, Spydercranes crawl into tight spaces where larger machines can’t go. Spydercranes don’t need to be mounted on complicated, bulky structures like overhead tracks or mono-rails, and they’re far more versatile than tower cranes, while still bringing enough muscle to handle loads up to 6 tons.

Best in the business

Designed and manufactured by the FURUKAWA UNIC Corp. in Japan, the Spydercrane is the perfect solution for medium capacity jobs. Able to handle loads between 3 and 6 tons and still fit easily into small places, the Spydercrane has applications in a variety of industries, from construction, to landscaping. The crane’s strength, however, is balanced by an array of stabilizing features, giving you the power and precision needed for delicate jobs like the installation of sculptures and monuments, movement of glass panels, and placement of machinery.

The Great Lakes Lifting difference

Located near Chicago, IL, Great Lakes has you covered no matter where you need your Spydercrane mini crawler to go! We offer nationwide sales, rentals, service and training, as well as new and used Spydercranes for sale or rental. Call us today to see how we can help you get the job done, on time and within your budget!

The right tool for the job

For medium capacity jobs, there’s no limit to what the Spydercrane can do. Compare models and check out or accessories to see for yourself why Spydercranes from Great Lakes Lifting can get your projects off the ground in no time.

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