Posted on June 30, 2014

Why Wisconsin construction jobs and our Spydecranes work well together

Why Wisconsin construction jobs and our Spydecranes work well together

A Chicago-area company such as ourselves can have a difficult time speaking highly of our neighbors to the north. It has nothing to do with business so much as many of us our Cubs, Bears and sports fans of the universities in Illinois. It’s hard not to say that they’re “mad” in Madison (oh, look, I said it), or “waucky” in Milwaukee. I can’t even say the G-Bay-ish city name.

But when it comes to getting the job done, we can say with pride we work well with our Wisconsin-based clients.

We have to give Wisconsin credit

To say that the economy has been hard on businesses is like saying Wisconsin “kinda” likes cheese and beer. But when the going gets tough, Wisconsin gets tougher. We continue to receive calls from all corners of the state for Spydercrane mini crawler crane rentals. Most of our calls are from right along the shoreline, as to be expected, but we’re glad to see that we’re taking more in-roads into the state than 90, 94 and US 12. They calls have been steady, the work has been a delight. The projects have been incredible.

Sales, Rentals & Maintenance discounts to Wisconsin-area clients

Because we make so many trips up north, we run sales, rentals and maintenance discounts throughout the year to Wisconsin. Those discounts often include Free Delivery. For more information, contact us today. We’ll get your started on a deal that will lift you high above the rest.

Not bad for some Badgers, Brewers and P*ckers

There are some words I still can’t bring myself to say, but there’s nothing that keeps me from being candid with our affinity for our Wisconsin Clients.

Are you a Wisconsin area business looking for a little lift in your construction projects? Whether you are from Wisconsin, Washington, or Washington D.C., Great Lakes Lifting has the deals, discounts and delivery method to scale your construction project to your anticipated heights.

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