Posted on May 10, 2017

What are some of the crazier uses for Spydercranes?

What are some of the crazier uses for Spydercranes?


We always love when we get unique email questions. We love all our email requests, but when we're asked about unconventional uses for our Spydercrane mini crawler crane, we take a little extra delight.

Recently we were asked,

"What are some of the crazier uses you've heard of for your Spydercranes?"

The manufacturer's web site has posted some crazier uses for Spydercrane in the last year

Recently, – the Spydercrane manufacturer home – posted about a project where two URW 706s were used to change isolator heads at an electrical substation. This grounded, electrifying project involved one crane taking the weight off the top of the isolater heads and the second one hoisting the replacement part.

The crazier ones we hear are when our cranes are lifted by other cranes.

We know our mini crawler cranes are designed to be lifted by other cranes. Our cranes get lifted often. That said, it's always an incredible sight to see one hoisted in the air by a bigger crane. Here are a couple examples of it in action.

These aren't "crazier" as in "insane," but "crazy" as in "now that's something incredible."

These solutions aren't ad-hocked, they're engineered. These are well-thought-out, regulated moves that are done with the utmost concern for safety and efficiency.

For more information on making unorthodox moves with our mini crawler cranes, contact us today.


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